Sport & Fitness Programs

The Rap 4 Change Health & Fitness Program aims to enable participants to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes required to lead and promote healthy, safe and active lives.The program focuses on staying fit, making healthy choices, improving discipline, respect & self defence.

This is ideally delivered as a weekly, two hour workshop over a period of one school term however it can be modified to suit individual school or organisation needs.

The program consists of 4 stations

  1. Martial arts / boxing / self defence
  2. Circuit work focusing on fitness, speed & agility
  3. Team sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, football etc)
  4. Learn to shop, cook & eat healthy.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of strategies that promote a sense of personal identity and build resilience and respectful relationships.
  • Develop an understanding of movement skills, concepts and strategies to respond confidently, competently and creatively in a variety of physical activity contexts.
  • Learn the significance of contextual factors that influence health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity.
  • Enact and strengthen health, safety, wellbeing and participation in physical activity.

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