Parkour Program

Parkour is a sport where participants learn to move through any environment in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The goal is to overcome physical and mental obstacles that may be in your way by using both your mind and your body to run, climb, roll, jump and vault.

This program teaches the basic movements involved in parkour while developing fitness, strength, control and problem solving. During the program we look at nutrition and hydration as well as respect for the environment. Participants learn how to master their physical movement, develop a good work ethic and overcome obstacles while getting fit, having fun and making new friends. The program can be run for one day, one term, half yearly or yearly and customised to suit the needs of beginner, intermediate or advanced participants.



  • Create a positive outlet for unused energy
  • Get fit and improve physical control
    Develop a greater understanding of healthy living
  • Gain a respect and sense of ownership for the environments and communities we live in
  • Engage in social participation with peers and positive role models
  • Increase confidence and understanding of personal capabilities
  • Learn problem solving
  • Encourage participants to create training groups outside of sessions and film movements

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