Mobile Skatepark

The Rap 4 Change skateboard program provides a fun activity for youth to learn a new skill and get physical exercise while being empowered to become confident, connected, actively involved members of their home and school communities.

The program is ideally delivered as a weekly, two hour session over one school term however it can be modified to suit individual organisation needs. The skate park and skate facilitators can also be hired as a one day event for special functions.


The program teaches kids the basics of skateboarding such as pushing, rolling, and other beginner manoeuvres. Participants love our mobile skate ramps which we bring along to each session for them to practise on under the supervision of our skate facilitators. Each child is provided with a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to ensure the utmost safety of all involved.

As part of the skate program, participants are encouraged to make an additional effort at school and show us any school awards they receive over the duration of the program. At the completion of each program, participants who have made the greatest combined effort during the program and at school are acknowledged and awarded with their own skateboard.

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