Big Brother / Sister Mentoring

This intensive one on one mentoring program is suitable for any organisation or individual looking to provide support & guidance services for youth who have experienced drug addiction, mental health issues, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, isolation, lack of direction and motivation, low self esteem, bullying, anger management, behavioural issues or disabilities.

Our mentoring program is currently being provided by Rap 4 Change to both individuals who have reached out to us for assistance as well as organisations including Family & Community Services (FACS), Mission Australia & MacKillop Family Services.

The program focuses on identifying the struggles and barriers that the Mentee may be facing and putting in place both short and long term goals to overcome those issues, stay on track and meet their specific needs.

Each Mentee is partnered with their own positive adult role mole who they can relate to in a safe and supportive environment. Mentors share their own testimonies of struggles they have faced in the past, becoming both a friend and confidant.

The Mentor will organise activities that are of particular interest to the Mentee, creating a fun and engaging environment to connect and grow. The strong relationships that develop over a long term mentoring match enable young people to increase their sense of belonging, self worth and resilience. Mentors work alongside their Mentee, assisting them to overcome obstacles and develop the skills required to engage meaningfully with their peers, family, school, work and the wider community.

“ I’ve been starting to write some rhymes in my room because you guys have shown me a new way to destress and deal with my problems instead of getting into fights. I want to be part of this Rap 4 Change and I want to be like you guys and help kids like me. I want to tell my story and hopefully change the life of someone else like you have changed mine. Rap 4 Change is like the family I never had.”

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