Hip Hop Productions Program

The Hip-Hop Productions Program is designed to get kids excited & engaged in a fun new activity which will help them express themselves and make positive choices one verse at a time. The three modules covered throughout the program are RAP ( Rhythm & Poetry ), Dance & DJ. The program is ideally delivered as a weekly, one to two hour workshop with each module covering a period of one school term ( 10 weeks ).

We bring awareness to social issues that many kids deal with on a daily basis and workshop how to be the best a person can be through rap music, dance, good times and a great attitude.

This completely interactive program has been extremely successful in building self confidence, team work and helping participants express themselves while learning fun new skills. Kids are encouraged to address their own feelings and challenges through writing and performing their own songs in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

As an optional extra, at the end of the program, participants can receive a copy of their recorded track.


Outcomes & Indicators:

  • Expression through rhythm and poetry (RAP)
  • Positive engagement & mentoring
    Demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts
  • Creating rhymes, songs and simple compositions
  • Listening to and responding to music
  • Exploring, creating and organising sound in simple structures
  • Participation in speech, singing, playing and moving activities


10 Week Sampler Program

Our 10 week hip hop sampler program is aimed at providing a fun, interactive introduction to the intensive Hip-Hop Productions Program which can be tailored to suit your future needs.

“We were involved in a variety of fun activities during the program, including learning a hip hop routine, having a dance battle, acting out scenarios that may happen in the future and creating a rap as a group that addressed some of the issues we deal with in our lives. This was an incredible program and the experience was one to remember.”


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