Future Leaders Program

Ready to Succeed

The Rap 4 Change future leaders program ‘Ready to Succeed’  focuses on teaching youth to identify their strengths & weaknesses and overcome their own personal barriers so they can become inspiring leaders, positive role models & active community members.

The program is ideally delivered as a weekly, two hour workshop over a period of ten weeks however it can be modified to suit individual school or organisation needs.

Target participants:

Current or future school representative councils, youth who have displayed leadership qualities, who have a desire to take on more responsibility in leadership roles or who are ready to make changes in their life to reach their full potential.


Program Outcomes:

  • Develop advanced communication & public speaking skills
  • Become an inspiring & passionate leader
  • Increase self confidence & resilience
  • Identify who you really are & what your purpose is
  • Set short & long terms goals and develop skills to effectively achieve them.
  • Learn behaviours that push yourself and the people around you to achieve your full potential
  • Build stronger, trusting relationships
  • Develop an understanding of how your behaviour can impact others
  • Hold yourself to a higher standard of accountability
  • Identify your strengths so you can utilise them in the future
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses and develop skills to overcome them
  • Participate in team building activities that you can use in the future

Below is example of a structured ten week program

Week 1

Introduction – Speaking with confidence & enthusiasm, projecting your voice, hot seat activity, bucket list activity.
(team work, encouraging others, fixing others crowns)

Week 3

Plan Your Change – Make positive steps to living your best life.

Week 5

Respect – Building positive trusting relationships.
Interact in situations with plain clothed enforcement officers to build positive relationships.

Week 7

Leadership – What are your beliefs about leadership? Good and bad leaders. What makes a good leader? How do I want to lead?

Week 9

My time – Small groups to develop a presentation/video about the Future Leaders Program, the impact it had on you & where you will go from here. (to be played at Graduation)

Week 2

Who am I? – What’s my purpose? What’s my destiny? Where do I want to be? What do I need to do to get there?
Bucket list continuation

Week 4

Goal Setting – Set S.M.A.R.T goals to achieve and succeed


Week 6

Problem Solving – Developing capabilities to solve problems creatively in real-world situations

Week 8

Emotions – Identify and overcome characteristics and situations that could hold you back. Developing the skills to have courageous conversations.

Week 10

Reflection, Presentation & Graduation.


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