Empowerment Program

The Rap 4 Change Empowerment Program is structured around developing the skills within the NSW Education wellbeing framework for schools – Connect, Succeed & Thrive.

The program works with young people on improving their overall well being, confidence, leadership skills and making positive choices in difficult situations specifically relating to healthy mind, healthy food & healthy body. We empower participants to make better choices for themselves, instill a sense of worth and develop a greater sense of self-confidence and leadership skills that allow them to succeed and thrive in all aspects of their life.

The workshop facilitators focus on providing a fun, engaging environment for participants to learn and grow. Each workshop will have a combination of group discussions, group activities focused on that weeks topic and a fitness session.

The Empowerment Program is ideally delivered as a weekly, one hour workshop over a period of ten weeks, however it can be modified to suit individual school or organisation needs.

Connect – Participants will be actively connected to their learning, have positive and respectful relationships and experience a sense of belonging to their school, home and community.

Succeed – Participants will be respected, valued, encouraged, supported & empowered to succeed.

Thrive – Participants will grow and flourish, do well and prosper.



Below is an example of a ten week structed program which can be tailored to suit any organisation’s specific needs. Each workshop will have a combination of group discussions, group activities focused on that weeks topic and a fitness session.

Week 1

Introduction & expectations – my journey so far and what I hope to achieve in the next 10 weeks
Boxing basics & fitness burn out session

Week 3

Respect – developing respect for family & friends. Respect for community. Respect for self. Respect for strangers
Boxing basic combinations session

Week 5

Self esteem, self confidence, the ability to back myself & public speaking
Lines, shadow boxing & blocking session

Week 7

Leadership & who is in your corner. Identifying your support network & their importance.
Fitness session

Week 9

Gender stereotypes & respectful relationships – demystifying stereotypes & being who you want to be
Fitness session

Week 2

Discipline – self discipline and developing a respect for boundaries & consequences
Kick boxing, cardio & bag work session

Week 4

Breathing & maintaining control – developing breathing techniques for relaxation, sport and emotional control
Skipping, dumbbell work & shadow boxing session

Week 6

Bullying – dealing with different types of bullying & understanding why people bully
Fitness circuit & boxing combo session

Week 8

Resilience & overcoming setbacks & resilience – developing the ability to deal with knock backs and push forward
Team fitness challenge session

Week 10

Reflection, Presentation & Graduation


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