Rap 4 Change helps young people who are at risk of being disengaged from schools, homes or communities. We provide a range of programs that tackle issues of substance abuse, racism, peer-pressure, bullying and self-harm. This includes creative arts, music, sports and health and fitness programs.

At Rap 4 Change, we strongly pride ourselves on influencing and impacting young people and encouraging them to make positive choices in all aspects of life.


What Do We Do?

Rap 4 Change run a variety of different programs (Workshops) to address the needs in our Schools, Homes and Communities.

We have run our programs in schools (both primary and highschool), councils, NSW Police, TAFE and many other organisations in our community.

All our programs are highly successful and have a huge positive impact on kids and their families.

Our Workshops

We run many different workshops & programs for the youth.

We provide day workshops, evening workshops and we even head into schools to teach students a variety of different skills to help improve the child’s well-being and boost confidence all while having a blast!

Hip Hop Workshops
Sport & Fitness Program
Mentoring Programs
In School Education Performances
Mobile Skatepark

How Can You Help?

Get in contact with us today, to see how you or your business can help support Rap 4 Change


One of many letters we receive from young people we’ve helped throughout our time working with the youth

Dear Rap 4 Change (R4C),

I thank you for you showing me that there is a better life out there, other than doing crime.

Drugs and money was a big part of my life. I remember my brother telling me, that you are going to be just like me and dad. My dad got shot over drugs and he died on the spot, my brother is in jail and I have been in here for a year, but when I get out I am going to change.

I am going to plead guilty for aggravated robbery, with grievous bodily harm with wounding and possession of prohibited drugs. My dad always told me “You do the crime, you do the time”.

I have been starting to write some rhymes in my room because Rap 4 Change (R4C) have shown me a new way to destress instead of punching on with the other boys. Hopefully when I get out of this **** hole, you can help me with my songs because I want to be a part of Rap 4 Change (R4C) and I want to be like you guys. I want to help kids like me and to tell them about my life story and hopefully change their lives like you have changed my life.

You guys are like the family that I never had and that’s from the bottom of my heart. I want you guys to be a part of my life and come visit me in here every now and then and keep in contact with me.

Take care people of R4C

“Brother Love”

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